Based in London, England and built from a passion for adventure, cycling and the outdoors; Apidura is driving the evolution in ultralight cycling and opening a new world of riding possibilities for
The London Bicycle Workshop
London Bicycle Workshop provides expert bike care to any kind of bicycle in the city. With over 20 years of experience working in and running professional workshops we believe we have the ability to
The name was derived from the design of the bikes. In the same way the mountain bike was designed for the mountains so tokyobike was designed for Tokyo. Based on the concept of 'Tokyo Slow' the bikes
Le Beau Velo
In the heart of Shoreditch, we have created a comfortable space where cyclists and triathletes can receive expert advice and services. You will also find a display of Italian made to measure bicycles
White Bear eBikes
We have given up our jobs in our twenties to seek the creative satisfaction of building a business and the underlying satisfaction of this business promoting collective and environmental well being.
Woodstick Bicycle Goods
Woodstick offers a stunning range of wooden bicycle accessories and goods beautifully crafted to compliment your lifestyle bicycle. Our range of accessories include handlebars and wooden bicycle
Comtat Cycling
Comtat is a British brand, which launched in 2009. We offer frames in steel, titanium and carbon that are built exactly to your specifications. Ensuring a perfect fit and more importantly, unrivalled
There are a number of options to choose from when looking for cycle insurance, the first is to try your own home insurers as you may have cover provided as part of the General Contents section of your

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