I am writing to request a repair service for the gears on my Raleigh bicycle. Recently, I have been experiencing issues with the gear-shifting mechanism, which has made riding the bicycle quite difficult. The specific problems I am encountering include: Difficulty in shifting gears, especially when trying to switch to a higher gear. Unusual noise coming from the gear area when pedalling. The chain occasionally slips off the gears. As an avid cyclist, I rely on my Raleigh bicycle for daily commuting as well as recreational rides. I would greatly appreciate it if you could inspect and repair the gear mechanism at your earliest convenience. Please let me know the estimated cost and time required for the repair. If any additional parts or services are needed, kindly inform me beforehand so that I can make the necessary arrangements. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to your response and hope to have my bicycle in optimal condition soon. Best regards,

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28 Jun, 2024
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