Bamboo Bicycle Club
The Bamboo Bicycle Club is a UK-based project that provides people with the knowledge and tools to make their own bikes as well creating a hub for those embarking on their own frame building
We want to provide you with the best bicycle related information resource there is, and we want to give it away for free. We decided early on to make MadeGood a Social Enterprise and not a charity.
Hackney Bike Repairs
Hackney Bike Repairs understands that for many cyclists, their bike is a workhorse that needs to be reliable and safe on London roads. Whether you're using it for your daily commute or the odd trip
Spencer Ivy Electric Bikes
We provide stylish, high quality, eco-friendly electric bikes that will revolutionise your life, allowing all ages and abilities to enjoy stress free and enjoyable transport. Our vision is simple - we
Lock 7
Getting people on bicycles, keeping people on bicycles, having fun with it and making a difference. Lock 7 Ltd the company was formed on October 4th 2007 following an inspiring trip to Copenhagen that
Kennedy City Bicycles
We build bicycles designed specifically for the city. We have two prices - either £505 for our single speed freewheel model (available in 5 monthly instalments of £105) or £590 for our two speed
Station Bicycle
Station Bicycles is the well-reputed and trusted name in the field of bicycle repair and supply of second hand bicycles. We get second hand bicycles through auctions from various places and provides
Brick Lane Bikes
Brick Lane Bikes began as the dream of a former London street courier, the aim was to create the first all track bike shop in the UK. This little East London shop quickly grew to be Europe's fixie
Volt BMX
Volt BMX is a BMX only, rider built, rider owned store based in North East London, just a 20 minute bike ride from the city which opened in October 2009. We carry all the best brands in BMX and
Pretorius Bikes
We put all our passion for cycling into helping our customers build their flight of fancy. Whether it's their dream machine or their winter workhorse, we specialise in building bicycles that meet the