Wheelspin Cycles

The past is somewhere we don't like to dwell at Wheelspin, there's too much to do now and to look forward to in the future, but it's certainly important not to forget your roots.

For the shop it began in the 70s in the cellar of Steve Cheeseman's house. Steve was a clever and very handy fella, he started doing up second hand bikes and selling them on to supplement the family income, he gradually built this initiative into a growing and thriving business. Good at spotting market trends; Steve was early into the mountain bike boom with brands like Marin, GT and later Trek.

For me it began at a similar time (life that is), I grew up making and fixing things, that's the way it was in our house. No surprise considering that my Dad and my Grandad both worked for British Aerospace, I spent a lot of time hanging round the workshops watching bits of metal get turned into aircraft parts and missiles. I always loved things I could take apart to see how they worked and hopefully get them back together.