Bill Richards Auto Electrical Services

Were we too young and was this an easy way out? Should we go down that road of giving up riding our bikes all together? But after two operations on my foot, the last one ending with plates and numerous screws after taking a hard fall, it was getting harder to stay on my road bike. By now not only was I getting frustrated but my other half had started developing muscle and joint problems as well. Many years of walking, caving and water sports with the Scouts had taken its toll for both of us so something had to change.

Our bodies were starting to complain. We had tried one of the factory standard electric bikes but it was not the answer to all of our problems. We still wanted to keep our own bikes and what's the use of buying a brand new one if old faithful is left sat in the garage or shed collecting dust. With an E- bike you ride your own bike to work, shopping or just to get out and about, as simply as before but with very little pain.