Woosh Bikes

Woosh has 16 models of electric bikes to suit every pocket, from crank drives good hill climbers to foldable bikes with hidden battery for cities like London. Want to know which bikes would be good for where you live? Try our Predictor.

Click on the closest option in each box. Firstly, choose your style: crossbar, stepthrough, folding or sport. Our crossbar bikes have a high saddle and most models have the battery in the rear. You will have to swing your leg right over these to get onto the bike. Get someone to hold a broomstick 30 inches off the floor and swing your leg over to see how you manage. If you are not so nimble anymore or have problems with knees or hips you should consider a stepthrough. Again, if you have back problems and want to ride on long journeys you might be better with a step through bike. Our step through bikes are easy to get on and have comfortable Dutch style handlebars which keep your back upright. We now sell as many to men as to women.