Singular Cycles

Singular Cycles was established in 2006 by me, Sam Alison. It is the result of my lifelong passion for bikes and a vision for a unique, functional and beautiful frame design; and an equally unique and functional business model. Originally from Australia, I've now spent the past 10 years in Europe, the first four of those in the Czech Republic where I met my now wife.

I moved to the UK in 2005 and the first thing I bought with my nice sterling pay-cheque was a 29er. I liked the big wheels, but there were many aspects of the design I was less than enamoured with. Subsequently I had discussions with a number of custom framebuilders, none of which were prepared to do quite what I was after. So I got in touch with a few manufacturers in Taiwan to get a couple of ‘sample' frames built. The best of those were from the company I continue to use today.

So the first batch of 100 Swifts was ordered and arrived in January 2007.