About the Business
We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the industry. Our staff are all avid cyclists that ride the kit you want to own and can offer an unbiased opinion and feedback, so you get the best experience possible. Meet our staff below, we are a very honest, hard working bunch who really do care about making the customer happy when they leave our stores.

Unlike most cycle businesses which are owned by large investment companies, Primera is a store with its feet firmly on the ground and understands the passion cyclists feel for their bikes. We are very proud of our knowledgeable, friendly staff and our priority is always to give the best customer service possible.

Primera is a family-owned and run business whose aim is to keep offering a great personalised service, raise money for local charities and support cyclists of all levels. Commuting to work, racing or riding for pure pleasure, every cyclist is very important to us and we want to see everyone enjoying being on two wheels. With cycle prices starting from £400, you know you are buying a quality product from a leading brand.
Location & Hours

183 Bournemouth Road

Poole, BH14 9HT
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