Mango Bicycles

We went looking for a way of getting to uni on fixie bikes that had a high build quality, looked good and didn't cost an arm and leg. The market was bare, with either really expensive brands or really cheap bikes lacking quality components. So, Mango Bikes was born to provide highly desirable and high quality Single Speed and Fixed bikes without the high price tag. Since launching, we've come a long way including launching our very own 18-speed road bikes and commuter bikes. Offering the exact same quality of our award winning Single Speed bikes but with the extra range of gears. One of the best things about Mango Bikes is the Custom Bike range. We started with the custom Fixie Bike and now have custom road bikes and balance bikes. It didn't seem right to us that you can buy a car exactly to your spec or shoes to your style, but that bikes were only available in a few dull, pre-selected colours.