Johns Bikes

And there is something that coming into the shop that no website can deliver. In fact they love nothing more than to match the right saddle to the right bum and make sure that when you sit on it your toes contact the ground comfortably and that the handlebar height is just right. They will also help you select all the bits, pieces and kit that will give you the best bicycling comfort. They will also tell you about fantastic places to ride, let you know what the latest bicycling invention is etc.

All so that you too can experience the joy of bicycling. And while we hope you have a great time exploring our website, there is no doubt about it, you can have loads more fun in our shop. It's minutes from the heart of Bath and it's one of the best shopping streets the city has to offer, full of creative, independent shops and eateries. Bring the whole family. Make a day of it!