Electric Bikes Guildford

Electric Bikes Guildford (EBG) was initiated by the owners Chris and Annie Ogle in 2014 and the shop was opened on January 27 2015. Chris was previously a finance director of various software companies and after over 30 years working as an accountant decided that he wanted to run his own business doing something he is passionate about.

Annie has been a personal trainer for 15 years and isn't stopping anytime soon, although she will be helping out at EBG whenever possible. Her interest in fitness combines well with the ethos of the business.

We have been residents of Guildford for close to 20 years. We enjoy cycling, both on road and off road enormously and (in no small part thanks to Annie) we both maintain a good level of fitness. For those of you familiar with Strava, Annie has around 50 QOMs. Chris's KOMs are only in the single figures - but he's not giving up!