Cycle Torque Bicycles

Cycling is about freedom, being able to go anywhere we want. Beng able to take off anytime we want at the drop of a hat. It's the freedom to fly down winding roads, divert onto roads less travelled and navigate harder terrain on our own power.

Cycling frees you from stress, from care, time constraints, awkward transport timetables, other people, and set routes. Here you make your own routes, you choose your time, you choose the people, you're in control. You're now responsible.

You bring out the maps and plan your route to your destination. You aren't limited to roads like a car. Cross country, bridlepaths, tow paths, hills, trails are all open to you to. You make the routes. So much adventure is on your doorstep. You'll see where you live like you haven't seen it before and find all kinds of places you never knew about.