Cycle Centre

The guys and girls at Cycle Centre love cycling but won't bamboozle you with science. We all enjoy cycling in our leisure time and it not only keeps us fit and healthy, but also keeps us up to date about cycling for REAL people! We are mums and dads, fair weather cyclists, hard core BMXers, mountain bikers, fixie riders and roadies. We are normal people and that's how we know what you will need when you're out there on 2 wheels. We care about cycling and want to make it enjoyable for as many people as possible.

We've got tonnes of bikes and bits to choose from. We know you have a choice about where to buy from and we will do what it takes to make you want to buy from us. Please give us the chance to match prices and offers from our competitors. Times are tough and we know you need to keep a tight reign on the family budget.

We'd like the opportunity to give you advice about cycling and not only sell you a bike, but help you to look after your bike and to enjoy riding it for years to come.