City Cycle Centre

We specialize in cycles, toys, models, craft and DIY products. Please browse our website to find out what each department can offer you, and just contact us if you'd like to know more. At the end of the 1960s Mr Zaschke, the owner of a busy Ely building firm, bought a cycle business located in the building now occupied by Costa coffee, right in the centre of the town. His original intention was simply to make use of the building's yard, but the cycle business flourished and became increasingly important.

The old Post Office across the road had been empty for some time and was due to be demolished, but Mr Zaschke made an offer and the cycle business moved in. City Cycle Centre has been happily located there ever since. Over the years, the shop has steadily been extended backwards & upwards, and new departments have been established, until the shop became the large, busy department store that it is today. Throughout the store we have a strong commitment to real customer service.