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I would love for more people to make bicycle riding a part of their everyday life. I think it is currently seen as something that one may do at the weekend or as a hobby, but for local trips or a sensible commute the bicycle can be very rewarding. You don't have to go out in skintight lycra with some polystyrene on your head if you dont want to. Although this is a great way to enjoy cycling also. Just jump on your bike and do what you like! Leave the car at home every now and again. It's amazing how much you can save. All that extra cash can then be used for cake and more bike bits. At least that's how I do it.

I like to feel that I am providing a necessary and fair business. In the future, if things go well enough that I can give up my day job then I'll be a very happy man. For now though, It is enough that I can be of benefit to my local community. I take pride in what I do and I care about the service I provide.


David Kelly-Durrant
03 Aug, 2022

Bike Debug (Matt) serviced my wife's and my bikes on Monday 01.08.22. What a proper "old school" approach, no jet washing to put high-pressure water into where you don't want it but strip down hand clean to great effect. No parts were unnecessarily replaced and both bikes look and ride as good as new. Reasonable price - I can highly recommend Matt and Bike Debug

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Lawley Village

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    Bike Debug

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