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We've been selling and repairing all kinds of bikes at our shop in Rusholme South Manchester, for Thirty years this year and have the wide range of knowledge and experience to back this up. We believe that a bike shop should be a pleasure to visit, whatever kind of cyclist you are, or plan to become. Service with a smile, that "old-fashioned" way of doing things, is as important with us as knowing what we are talking about.

As a result, we can help and advise on every aspect of your cycling life.

Bicycle Doctor is a bit different from bike shops and other businesses you may be used to; we're proud to be a Workers' Co-op which means the workers are the bosses and we share the running of the shop. Bicycle Doctor staff are all equal; "same pay, same say." Certain Co-ops have many branches and a hierarchical system of employment with uneven pay between staff. This contradicts the ethos of a grassroots Co-op like ours, and has no advantage to the workers at the bottom of the pyramid.

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68-70 Dickenson Road

Manchester, M14 5HF
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