You want to learn how to ride a bike or you already know how to do it, but you don’t have one and you are planning to purchase? However, soon you will find out that buying a bike is not that easy like just going to the bike shop. There are many different types of bikes designed for different levels of experience and different goals. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and even confused because of this impressive variety. Worry not, because this guide to buying a bike for beginners will help you a lot. So before you head to the bike shop to purchase your new favourite tool of transportation, here is a bit more information about bikes and how to choose the right one for you.

Where Will You Ride?

As we have already mentioned, different kinds of bikes are meant to be used on different terrains and for different goals. For example, a bike you want to ride around the city will be much more different than a bike you will ride mainly outdoors. Therefore, before buying a bike, you want to start by considering what type of bike riding you want to do. Ask yourself a question such as how often will you ride your bike, how far, are you going to ride your bike in the city and on paved surfaces or you want to ride it in nature and off-road terrains? This will definitely help you narrow down your choice.

Your Budget

Of course, your budget will most probably be one of the most determining factors when you are buying a bike. The truth is, bikes can range a lot in their price and you can either go for a very budget-friendly option, you ca opt for a very expensive professional bike, or you can just go to the middle ground and purchase a bike on a reasonable price. However, one important advice to follow is never going for a bike that is suspiciously cheap and affordable. Don’t forget you get what you pay for, therefore you cannot expect great quality for a very low price. In the case with bikes, poor quality is a very bad thing, because it means the bike is not assembled properly, the materials are cheap, your bike will be in need of a serious repair too soon, it will start experiencing wear and tear soon enough and it will simply not last for long.

Where to Buy

Now, let’s say you have already considered the points above and you have narrowed down your choice to a few bike options that seem the best for you. The next thing you want to consider is where to buy your bike from. Fortunately, nowadays you can find a lot of reliable places selling great bikes on a reasonable price. For example, you can buy your bike directly from a dealer, which comes with some advantages including having the option to browse and choose from the entire line and enjoy a better selection. However, keep in mind that buying directly from a dealer means you won’t be able to test ride the bike and check how you like it before making a purchase, you also don’t get a service package or accessory discounts with the purchase.

Alternatively, you can also buy your bike from an online retailer, which means you can often get your hands of prior-year models and probably get the best prices available. However, purchasing your bike from an online retailer once again means that you won’t be able to test ride the bike. In addition, you will have to assemble the bike yourself, which for a beginner is a whole new level of stress and hassle. You can also visit your local bike shop and make the purchase there. Honestly, this is a very good option, because you can have the peace of mind you are buying from a reliable place since most of these local shops are brand-authorised. In addition, you can get professional help and recommendations, service plans and discounts.

However, keep in mind that your local bike shop most probably offers a limited selection and that this is one of the most expensive ways to buy your new bike. Finally, you can check an online marketplace for buying a bike. The best thing about this option is that you can get the lowest and cheapest offers and also go for a preloved bike as an even cheaper option. However, buying your bike from someone gives you zero warranty. It is also the most time-consuming method because you have to make a thorough research and browse a lot until you find what you really want and be careful with scams.

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